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****edited by moderator***."It's just so much work to figure out what you are trying to say.

Your problem not mine,

So we have all these perfect people that feel that they have the right to DISS others,,,, that is what I am saying. What gives any of them the right to laugh at people or point fingers? Are you and others so perfect in everyway, in body, soul and “supposed� social acceptability to others, when compared to those targeted?

No way…. The problem is some people are just shoving their own insecurities towards others…because it will deflect their own “inability in life and their faults�.

Question: Who with a balanced approach to life and a social understanding of those around them, feels the need in their life to target others? Why do that?

So what I mean is it easier to laugh at someone else, than look at yourself and your problems and how others may see you as a person.

I guess that most that do most of this “lets laugh at someone else�, do it because it takes the heat off them and a scenario of “look at them instead of me�

Lets just laugh at the old, crippled or fat person, it’s easier than personal reality.
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