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Originally Posted by terrytrader
I totally agree with that last comment, it's very easy for people in the USA to agree with the "tipping" but as you say they get their cruises a hell of a lot cheaper than UK people do, as for wages, I think is disgusting that we the paying public should be doing what the cruise company's should be doing , and that is THEY should pay the wages not us..that's maybe the reason they register the ships in far off countries as they know their own counrty wouldn't allow what they do...and lastly $10 may not seem a lot but you times it by $20 a day for 2 people 14 times and then another 3000 times I make that $840000 not bad eh!
you lost me somewhere with your figures. Ok, maybe $84000 part is correct but that money is devided up among several crew members and the cruise line keeps none of it. Plus, please explain the difference between the service charge many countries charge and our tipping system. To me it is tech the same thing. As has been pointed out many times, the crew would rather gets tips than larger salaries and we are going to pay one way or the other.

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