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Originally Posted by terrytrader
and lastly $10 may not seem a lot but you times it by $20 a day for 2 people 14 times and then another 3000 times I make that $840000 not bad eh!
The numbers are really impressive....or are they....
Let's see....

$840000 Gross
/ 1000 total crew members (this is just for figuring)
= $840 per crew member
/ 14 days labor per crew member, no days off, no OT (cruise length)
= $ 60 daily wage per crew member...quite a modest amount

Even if there were only 500 crew members (too low) sharing the tips and the per day doubled to $120, that is still nothing to toot your horn over.

Finally, we always pay the wages of the crew. That's how it works. We buy a cruise for $xx (including the auto tip). The cruise line buys food, fuel, pays port fees, distributes the tips, pays the performers and the maritime staff....all from our pockets. Giving it this name or that does not change the substance of the program.
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