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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
I have to say also that part of dayid's first post I myself did not understand however the second post is all so true.

Back to the really is no ones business if an overweight person is wearing a bikini or sexy clothing. Because that same overweight person in a bikini can turn around and look at you and find something wrong with you. Nobody is perfect and we all have flaws!

If you don't like the clothing choice of overweight women just turn away it is that simple.

Have a great evening everyone!
From the tone of your posts, it is almost as though you feel a need to defend what needs no defense. It is everyone right to wear what they want. It is also everyone's right to have an option. If their opinion is on how you look in a particular outfit, as long as they don't cross the line and tell you how they think you look, what harm is done? To take the position that "it is none of anyone's business" is a given but is also a bit prickly and sensitive. Unless, of course, it hits home.

I was once on a beach in Long Island, NY. There were two women on the beach. They were obviously mother/daughter. The mother looked to be well over 60. Both had on thong bikinis. While the daughter looked a bit naked but ok, the mother looked ridiculous. It was obvious that she was very proud of her body (very wrinkled but trim) and felt she could still pull off the "nearly naked" look. However, considering this was a family beach, the sight of this senior citizen walking around the beach in full view of many many children in a bathing suit where her entire rear end was exposed was not APPROPRIATE. It was obscene, pornography, repulsive and just pathetic. The bathing suit would have been fine for a private pool party or something less public but for a woman as old as this lady obviously was and to wear such a naked look at a crowd public beach was in such bad taste.

We have all seen from time to time people in "inappropriate" attire. "Inappropriate" may just be in our opinion but "inappropriate" none the less.
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