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[quote=nmnita][quote= I know some don't understande this, but tipping has been part of uf our custom since I was a little girl and let me tell you, that was before most of you were born. The only idfference is the per centage has increased.

Nita [/quote]

This, thankfully is an American thing only.........we in the UK do tip for good service received in restuarants etc but I would NEVER think of tipping someone who happens to open a door or move a suitcase from one side of the path to the other for us.......this is something I would do naturally to anyone out of politeness and unlike in the USA where (from previous experience) they would expect a tip!

I do however agree that tips paid on board ships should indeed be pooled. Ok, our cabin steward keeps my cabin clean & tidy but the guys down below deck are the one's that wash & iron your sheets/towels etc. Your waiter may be the best ever but he only delivers the food that was preparred & cooked by many more guys in these sweltering hot kitchens!

I'm afaid this debate will go on & on for years to come!
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