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Okay, I will take this onboard....... "I would so much enjoy your posts if you would take the time (as you just did) to make them more readable"

So, I try to be like that, but sometimes a subject makes my brain "fizz" so much regarding what I am reading, that my response does not always reflect brain thought moving to finger makes sense to me at the time

IBCRUZIN, a question if you don’t mind regarding .."However, considering this was a family beach, the sight of this senior citizen walking around the beach in full view of many children in a bathing suit where her entire rear end was exposed was not APPROPRIATE.

Question: What this person was wearing that showed their old and aging butt, can I ask were they the only female person on that beach in such attire?

Trying to determine if this was an age thing (dont like to see it) or a decency thing?

You go for it, just watch out for the weirdo's that feel that they have to take a photo at the unveiling …. Ah well, how some others get their kicks on a cruise eh

What makes some people feel the need or want to take pictures of others like the ones we seen above,,,that amazes me.
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