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Default Re: Question for people who have sailed on CCL Legend out of

My husband and I sailed on the Legend out of NYC last August. We boarded before 12, because we were up on deck eating by 12.
I believe we got there around 10:30 am.
We had a reg. balcony and no refrigerator.
You can get juice, water, coffee, tea (iced tea) all day without paying.
My husband and I brought on a case of bottled water, and 2 cases of Pepsi. On ship they only have Coke products and you have to pay. We had a collapsible cooler which we kept in our room. We've done this each time we cruised.
We also brought on a bottle of wine, a 12-pack of beer and a bottle of pre-mixed (just need ice) margaritas and a mini-blender for the crushed ice. No questions asked and no problems.
We tipped the steward when we first met him and he kept our cooler filled with ice all week.
We had a fantastic time on the ship. I know you will too. It's great to sail out of NYC.
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