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Originally Posted by DayvidB
IBCRUZIN, a question if you don’t mind regarding .."However, considering this was a family beach, the sight of this senior citizen walking around the beach in full view of many children in a bathing suit where her entire rear end was exposed was not APPROPRIATE.

Question: What this person was wearing that showed their old and aging butt, can I ask were they the only female person on that beach in such attire?

Trying to determine if this was an age thing (dont like to see it) or a decency thing?
O.K. first my disclaimer. I do not like thong bikinis. I believe them to be too much exposed. Why in the word would someone want their entire rear end exposed for the world to see? But, again, that is just my opinion of thong bikinis.

As far as I can recollect, within my sight range, they were the only ones on the beach in such "near-naked" outfits. They draw a lot of stares. Again, in another environment, the young one would not have bat an eye. However, on Jones Beach in Long Island on a Saturday afternoon, it was too much exposed.

The thing that really got the double take was the older woman (mom). She did have the shape to wear the thong bikini but she was up there in years and must have spent a lot of time in the sun because she came with a triple load of wrinkles. All over her body. Her thighs were slim but very wrinkled. Her rear was the correct shape for the suit but again, it was wrinkled.

Yes, with mom it was the age factor. With the daughter, IMPO, she just had too much exposed. Again, I never said anything and only took one good look to mentally assess. Then I continued to enjoy my day at the beach.

I live and work in NYC. Manhattan is full of older women who are screaming and kicking trying so very hard to remain young looking and trim. There is a lot of pressure on the younger ladies to wear the sexy (tight?) attire. However, there comes a point in a woman's evolution that she has to age (or grow) with grace. Not everyone comes to that realization at a fashionably appropriate time.

It is not for me to "judge" when that time is. But, I do know that every woman (and man) can be very attractively attired if they take the time to figure out what works and what doesn't.
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