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Default Re: Bathing suit choices

Originally Posted by misguidedangel
Rick, you inspire me@ Let em ask you all this, how many times have you seem men or women in bathing suits and asked yourself WHY!!!!!!!!

I am not talking about the 70+ year old granny who has more flabby skin and boobs hanbing down the her knees, but I am talking about the teenagers to 40something plus who think htey look smoking hot in their bathing suit. You know the ones! The 20ish year old who is a little on the heavy side who decides to wear a bikini, or a ill-fillting tankini. Or the superskinny woman who doesn't care and will wear a thong bikini, which has less material/fabric than the face cloth in your cabin! In some cases a facial tissue has more "material" than the said thong...

Men, please, no supertight speedo's! They are not attractive, right ladies? There was a old man on the Victory (he looked over 80) who was wearing one, only it wasn't skintight everywhere...he did have a lot of flabby skin.

Gramps was having fun, he even went to dance with the band...

I am in no way thin, but I chose a swimsuit that is modest--a tankini top (longer) with a skirtted bottom. I don't look great in bathing suits, but at least I chose one that makes me look somewhat OK....I can safely say that I saw some women who really didn't think too much when they bought their swim suit.

Aynone else have any bathing suit horror stories from the cruises they've been on?...
to lean over and say something to a significant other about someones appearance is one thing. to post a picture of someone or start a post making fun of someone appearance is... i'm not sure what. maybe you should post an address where we can all send photos of what we are considering wearing and you can let us know if we meet your standards.

i'm not saying that i have not commented on people's choice of swimming suits or clothing choices but to start a thread that seems to serve no purpose other than to make fun of someones appearance... once again i'm not sure what to make of it or the original poster.
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