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Enough with the tipping topic
It's all about keeping the advised price down
Make friends with the personal and ask them
Some 30 to 40 % of the pasengers DON"T tip, that puts a dent in the income figures
The automatic tipping pot is split with all ( kitchen personal, laundry personal, etc)
Any extra cash you give direct to them they personal keep
These are bottom starting postions, min. wage like anywhere else
From there advance to management and salery postions and a good income

If you are complaining about $10.00 a day for cleaning your bathroom,bedroom,setting tables and serving food then stay home
Maybe you should try it and see if it's a job you would like to due for $10.00
Why even go just to complain about the costs
I'll bet there are people that think you make to much money
Seems like the complant is always about the lessor paid making to much
Don't complain about the upper wage scale in hopes you can be there some day
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