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You know, this is a harmless thread discussing some fashion choices that each of us who have posted may find questionable.

Not one post said anything disparaguing about any person's character, personality, value or the like. Why is it so bad to discuss a fashion bomb that we may have seen 1, 2, 5 or 10 years ago. The mother/daughter at the beach was at least 5 years ago. Where is the harm in me remembering it now that the subject has come up? No one is stoning anyone for wearing a bathing suit that we don't like! It is just a discussion of fashion choices.

I tend to notice these things b/c I am a shopaholic and a clothing junkie. Since I no longer have a perfect hour glass shape to work with I am always checking out other women to see what works and doesn't work, what I may want to try and what I know would look horrible on me. I don't follow what the models wear in magazines or the movie stars on tv or the movies. I am not shaped like them and do not have access to "air brushing" to smooth out imperfections. Rather, I look at women in public around me to get ideas for fashion/hair/make-up experiments.

Where is the harm in that? I don't get all the "people are being judgmental" comments. No one here is judging anyone. We are all just throwing in our thoughts on fashion yes/no/maybe's.
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