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Originally Posted by gerif
Originally Posted by elfster
If it is a service dog...seeing eye dog....then I would have to assume the line has to allow the canine. It would be a violation of the federal persons with disablity act if they did not allow it.
Absolutely - but, remember, there are service dogs trained to detect such things as seizures and diabetic reactions that might simply appear to be someone's little foo-foo pet when they are really working. I remember a thread where someone was upset because a woman was carrying around her little Yorkie, but it turned out to really be a service dog.
It is amazing what they have been able to train the pooches for; ie medical detection and such. These days it is best to never assume, but ask. Especially on a cruise ship for otherwise a canine would never be allowed...only with the proper verification/documentation that the animal is a service dog.

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