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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen
Everyone has different taste in fashion.

What one person considers a fashion bomb another person thinks it belongs on the red carpet.

Spring is around the corner and these gals are going to be everywhere.
But if this is what type of clothes she is happy in then so be it. Who am I do judge.

Mr. Blackwell (fashion critic to the stars) named Victoria Beckham the worest dressed in 2007.
Mr. Blackwell said VB is a fashion bomb however I love her fashion and sense of style. Everyone has different taste in fashion. 8)

Maybe Mr. Blackwell is just jealous that VB belongs to David Beckham!

Two comments. T

he lady in the low cut jeans looks horrible. This is just what I am talking about with the muffin top look. How, what and when dids this young lady delude herself that what she is wearing is attractive. She needed a size or two up with more of a mid-rise than this low rise. She needed a loose-fitting top that tucked into the jeans. Absolutely horrendous looking.

Now for VB. For starters, she needs to let the air out of those balloons in her blouse. They are unattractive and unnatural looking. They are so upright and round and pronounced, they are just ugly. They almost hit her chin they sit so high. While she may have at one time been a beauty, she has allowed the surgeon's scapel to shave her beauty away and replaced it with all plastic parts. There is breast enhancement and then there is breast re-creation. I don't know what VB has done.

I suggest we "everyman" folks stop comparing ourselves to what we see in the tabloids, on tv or in the movies. These people's very being is predicated on their ability to continue to look perfect and defy the natural aging process. Sharon Stone is not your average post-menopausal woman. She too is very familiar with a scapel. Bad example to use. VB is not a natural beauty. Again, terrible example to put up. The picture of the man and the lady, yes, her boobs are fake, his abs are air-brushed and very little of their "perfection" was home grown.

Just look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Have I achieved the look I envisioned when I purchased this outfit?" If the answer is no, find the receipt and return the outfit for another one.

It is really that simple.
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