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Default Carding Question for Freedom of the Seas Cruisers - Crypt

Hi everyone - just joined this forum - looks like a great place to be!

Here's my dilemma: My family is cruising on Freedom during Spring Break with 4 other families - all good friends. All my friends are 18 and up - I'm 16. I REALLY want to be able to get into the big club - the Crypt, with my friends, parents, etc., JUST TO DANCE. This is like hugely important to me. Everyone always thinks I'm at least 18. Note: I'm not interested in doing anything illegal, I just want to be able to hang with my friends & family & DANCE. My Mom is totally cool with the idea, if I can figure out how to get in.

Sooo, here's my question: what are the EXACT CARDING PROCEDURES at the entrance to the CRYPT? Do they have the SeaPass card readers? Does anyone know if the card readers pull up photo and birth date, just photo, just birth date?????

If they have card readers, do I need to show an ID, too? If I can find this out now, I think I can figure out a way to get around the system and get in.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has cruised on Freedom of the Seas. Thanks!

Booked Cruises: Freedom of the Seas 4/08

Past Cruises:
Navigator of the Seas 6/04 - Caribbean
Legend of the Seas 7/02 - Alaska
The USS Norway 3/02 - Caribbean
Voyager of the Seas 6/01
Disney Cruise 03/00
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