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William V., we have encountered each other on other forms and I hope we can prevent resorting to name calling and innunedo on this posting, for I really would like to comments on some of the charges made about Oceania. Obviously you had a very unpleasant cruise but we cannot understand the basics of some of your complaints. And no, we are not Oceania employees.

You talk of hot and uncomfortable. If anything on the Amazon tour we wished they had turned down the air conditioning especially in the dinning room. On the other hand, a bus' air conditioning breaking down is hardly Oceania's fault as this can happen on any line. When you speak of smoke, we assume you mean passenger's smoking and I'm sure you will agree that there is no other line that curtails smoking more than Oceania. We sure did appreciate the smoke free ship especially the Casino. One can choke to death on other lines. As to the two small smoking areas permissible on Oceania we avoided them like the plague that they are.

The small shower I will give you and I am a big man. But brown water? Not in our 27-day venture with them. And we were on the Amazon... A fellow passenger who tripped and fell on one of our excursions was treated by the ship doctor and his bill ended up being but a hand shake.

Not all personal cruise are fun nor meet expectations. It has happened to us. But it is important to keep it in persprctive and lay the blame where it truly belongs. Yes, in some cases it's the cruise line itself. In others it the fellow passengers. But sometimes when thing don't go as planned, the personal problems escalate and suddenly the shortcomings becomes the fault the carrier.

Oceania is not nor could not be the cruise line to end all cruise lines. But it has presented an alternative to the crowded and hectic cruises offered by others. I wish that you had had a better journey but whatever the pitfalls that were presented to you, surely the carrier was not tottaly at fault.
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