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Originally Posted by Rev22:17
...................................... I think that Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will post above average growth going forward -- which is precisely why I own more than the minimum number of shares to obtain the shareholder benefit.

Hi Norm: We clearly disagree about the long term prospects for RCL stock and it certainly can be said that both our opinions are just that -- just the opinions of two people and nothing more. My Gardner may very well have much better financial advice than either one of us. I never thought anybody would buy "pet rocks", so that shows how good my crystal ball is working! Sometimes I am reminded of a person who you can ask what time it is and they will tell you how to build a watch!

My opinion (with no ownership of any cruise line stock) as I said before, is that given the current world financial conditions and the current conditions and mechanical problems of some Celebrity ships that in my opinion RCL will not post above average growth going forward.

I am not pushing Carnival, parent company to Princess (sorry I can't give the NYSE code!) but the benefits of the Princess past passenger program out weigh any stockholder credit from Celebrity. That coupled with the Carnival stock shareholder program would make the deal even better. I however would never take it upon myself to encourage anyone to buy any stock based on my recommendation.

The best stock advice that you will see on this thread is this; if you are thinking about investing in the stock market seek advice from a qualified professional, who is unbiased, and not from any anonymous person on the Internet. If the stock professional happens to recommend a cruise line stock then you are in luck with those on board shareholder credits!!!!!
With integrity nothing else matters; without it nothing else matters.

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