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Originally Posted by richstacy
Quarters weigh a lot, so we don't like to pack them. Front desk and casino are also possible sources of quarters. (We've used the self serve laundry on at least three different lines and I can't keep them straight in my head.) Another good tip is this: try to figure out when every one will be doing their laundry and pick another time! For example mid-day the first day at sea on the way home after the Islands will be packed -- early in the morning or in the evening the next day not so bad. 8)
Bon Voyage
Very good advice. We also wait and pick and choose our time and have never had to wait on any of our 13 Princess cruises.

We try to take quarters with us because the change machines in the laundry room seem to sense how far I will have to walk to get change for a few dollars and the odds of the change machine working when I need it, are inversely proportional to the length of the walk back to the purser' office to get change!!
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