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I have read alot on these boards about those who get up early enough to see the ship approach the Panama Canal's Gaton Locks. I get the impression, as well, that the time that the ship (Island Princess or Coral Princess, in particular) enters the first lock can vary quite a bit.

I have also learned that in the newsletter the night before, they announce when they will be entering the canal (correct?). With all the other ships on any given day lining up to go through the Panama Canal, is it really possible to "schedule" a transit through the Gaton Locks?

If the newsletter says that they Island Princess or Coral Princess will be entering the locks at 7AM, could the entry actually be later, or perhaps even earlier??

What's the best way to judge, and what have the experience of Panama Canal transit veterans been?

With this being my first cruise, and my first trip to the Panama Canal, I don't want to miss a thing!!

Thanks for your observations and advice!
Boiler Cruiser

Cruising to the Panama Canal on the Island Princess in October, 2008
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