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Even though this post was started in 04, It still seems to be going on so I will give my 2cents. A CAD cruise is not boring. We have always gone in Sep/Oct and always had a good time. Granted its not like a CARB cruise ,you wont get the belly flop contest or hair chest or any of those warm weather games. Also even though they have the "festive" drinks {pina colad,straw daq etc..} they dont seem to push them as much , I guess who wants a frozen drink when its only just under 60 F. Plus you can also get a lounge chair usually with no problem . I assume for the summer months is it a bit like a CARB cruise.
This is going to be our 7th CAD/NE cruise{ 11th total}. Most of that is because of Halifax. We love that city. It has a great broadwalk that they keep improving on every year. Its great to just walk along or people watch. It is also a great walking town. There is so much to see and do. If you are in to history, arts, buildings etc.. There is even a Casino at the end of the broadwalk if thats your thing. As for Saint John NB {St. John is used for Newfoundland only-its a mail thing} or Sydney NS they are both nice cities as well. Each with its own charm and sights. This year we are also stoping in PEI. Charlottetown to be precise and Quebec City.
So is it boring-no, Different than a CARB cruise-perhaps-will you enjoy it, I would say yes. You can always do a 3 or 4 days cruise, to get you started. Good luck


PS Would like to know if the original poster ever took that cruise and what did they think about it?
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