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my sister and i used to have this problem... and once i turned 18 it was alot harder b/c one of us could get in, but the other couldn't. but now shes 18 so its cool. back then, i would go in the club see if anyone cool was in there, and then come out and we would wait for a large group of people (mostly like mid 20s or 30s women who had drinks in their hands... haha) because they would never be carded and my sister would just dance kind of by them with a drink in her hand lol... and it ALWAYS worked! there was not one night that she didn't get in the club. then i would go in after the large group. SUCCESS! this was on carnival though. we would be friendly to security when we left and they would remember her the next time... plus shes tall and had always looked older than me lol.
hi, im jess.

none booked =(

empress of the seas - baja mexico 10/94
sensation - western caribbean 8/02
carnival pride - mexico 8/03
carnival miracle - new york to the bahamas 8/04
carnival conquest - western caribbean 8/05
carnival valor - eastern caribbean 8/06
carnival pride - mexican riviera 4/07
carnival legend - western caribbean 8/07
carnival miracle - eastern caribbean 6/08
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