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Default Why this post was somewaht objectionable

Note: to all posters about this thread

We have received complaints from people in the past regarding threads like this. I personally do not find discussing the topic offensive, but I can assure you that most of the times a picture of an overweight person on a cruise is posted someone writes to me to say they cannot help how they look and they are just enjoying the cruise - as they have a right to.

I have restored this thread because I think it is most logical and on-topic discussion. But I do urge people to keep the following in mind...

If you paid a lot of money for a cruise, and you wanted to sit in the sun, I would hope you would do so without worrying about anyone taking your picture and putting it on the Internet with a caption that says "eewww, what were they thinking?"

I tend to think that if anyone is brave enough to walk out in public looking like "that" then God bless them, because they are braver than me. Plus, if they do that it is THEIR business, not mine. I don't have to gawk at anyone. I am free to look another direction.

I don't have the world's greatest body at all, I have some attributes that are commonly made fun of. But one of the last memories of my brother who passed away way too young (because he was overweight) was that he had the same body I have - but twice as objectionable in the types of attributes I described. But he was far more comfortable getting out on deck in a bathing suit and enjoying himself than I ever am.

I am glad he had that experience because I know in the end the cruise I treated him to was one of the most memorable experiences he ever had. In many ways I wish I was half as brave as he is, because the truth is my body often keeps me from enjoying certain sun activities I would actually like to be doing.

Please keep in mind that comments like "don't people own a mirror?" etc. are borderline cruel, and we DO get complaints about comments like that.

Thank you.
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