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We did this on the Grand 2/2-9/08 and it was NOT worth the money. First the cost was $32 plus a 15% gratuity. We did substitue Eggs Benedict (dried out) for the smoked salmon and when I asked for sausages too, I received some pushback from the person taking the order. We requested tea & coffee and only got coffee and never got the sausage.

The champagne is Moet & Chandon, a decent brand but enough for 2 glasses each. No set up. We did not have a regular table on our balcony, only the little snack table so we left the tray in the room and did it buffet style. Frankly, I would have ordered continental breakfast & fruit from room service and run up to the buffet for better eggs, etc and brought it down to the room.

Our adult kids ordered rolls, coffee and fruit every day and their selection looked better than ours!
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