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Default Re: What are suitcase restrictions....etc


Originally Posted by You
Just read the posts in SITTING ON THE SUITCASE and I really was planning on on one big suitcase, it has wheels with a leash thing to pull it, and I really think it will be enough. Clothes are just not my thing....seeing and doing, and taking pictures is what I look forward to, so it will be just the basics. I will come closer to not enough, than too much, and like others have said, black goes with everything, and perfect for an Alaskan cruise, in fact, I may pack 90% black and white....but.....just in case, what are the weight restrictions, and how many bags can you carry, and how often do you really have to wrangle it all yourself?
Donna's post is basically correct. Most major airlines allow up to two (2) pieces of checked luggage that do not exceed 50 pounds and, IIRC, 72" in sum of linear dimensions (length+width+depth). Realistically, the giant suitcases will get you surcharged for oversize/overweight luggage so it's better to bring two smaller pieces (no more than 26" long). Also, the "roller back" design works much better than the leash. In addition, you may bring one (1) carry-on bag and one (1) personal item, such as a handbag, a brief case, a small backpack, or a computer bag, onto the plane with you.

That said, United Airlines and US Airways have recently announced a change in policy. Beginning in May, they will charge $25 for a second checked suitcase for passengers travelling on discounted coach tickets who are either "general" members or non-members of their frequent flier plans. This fee does not apply to first class passengers, passengers travelling on unrestricted (refundable) fares, or premium members of their frequent flier plans.

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