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Default Re: New Cruiser - Help Please - Carnival Glory

Originally Posted by NewCruiser20
A few questions...

*I see you're allowed to bring one bottle of wine (750ml). Am I supposed to bring this with my carry-on bag and show them that I'm of age or should I just put it in my bag?
Either will work

*I know you aren't allowed to bring more alcohol, but do they really check? Does alcohol in the shampoo bottles work or do I not need to even try really?
It will probably work but is it really worth the trouble? They sell booze on the ship.
*Is all the food actually included (24hr pizza, buffets all you can eat?)?
*Will I be able to get free internet in my room?
NO.. no free internet anywhere
*How big are the rooms? We have 4 people in our party. I guess we're going to be sharing beds? Is there room for a cot/will it cost money?
No room is big enough for 4 people. You will probably have 2 beds and 2 upper bunks. No charge over what you have paid.
Thanks! I leave this Saturday and can't wiat!
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