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Originally Posted by Pat_Rick
Ouch, $75/pp cancellation... I should probably not book with Cruise Value. My husband is schedule to have foot surgery sometime in June, he can't get on the plane 30 days (minimum) after surgery. We won't know the date of the surgery until the middle of May. So... If I book now and have to cancel, then I am out $300
Be careful, you may be on the verge of a very expensive mistake!! Re-read the fine print that Paul posted; the $75 fee is Cruise Value's which is separate from the cruise line. A deposit is due immediately on booking. During that period, you will be out $300 if you cancel, or $200 if you make any change. The balance is due 3 months prior to sailing. After that, the cruise line penalty is 100% Yes, you are out the entire cost of the cruise (plus the $300 CVC fee) and there are very few exceptions!! It's standard for all cruise lines, not just HAL.

In your case, the cruise has to be paid in full by late April. The entire cruise cost is at stake if you cancel or reschedule.

Although I usually avoid insurance, I *always* buy trip insurance for cruises. It protects against all sorts of unexpected problems that might happen before or during your trip. There are several good carriers and online sellers....browse this forum for suggestions. Some of them have pre-existing medical coverage, but I'm not sure if it covers your husband's surgery since that's somewhat elective and under your control. I suggest calling ; I used them at the recommendation of this forum and was very impressed. Also be sure the other two people are covered especially if they are not your immediate family members. You may all have to "buy up" to a "Cancel for any reason" policy.

Apologies if you already know all this, but from your post it sounds like you may not. BTW, I just booked a July 13 HAL cruise to Alaska through Cruise Value Center. All the posts are right on...CVC and cruiseshopping are like Wal-Mart. Low prices, but don't expect Nordstrom levels of expertise or customer service. A travel agent friend tried hard but could not touch CVC's price. On the other hand, for a few hundred more, my travel agent doesn't charge a penalty fee, passes on price drops if she can, and can arrange flights, independent travel, etc. around the cruise. If you need that type of assistance, it's a modest price to pay.

Also consider whether your husband's foot will be fully recovered. There's a lot of walking onboard as well as in ports. I have the impression this is especially true in Alaska. It may dampen his enjoyment of the trip if mobility is a problem and you might consider waiting. Alaska prices will be better in late September and ports should be less crowded.

PS- I have no personal or business interest in any of this. Just "been there done that". Hope it helps. Let us know what you decide.
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