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You don't need to transfer the alcohol into different bottles....just pack it in your checked luggage. If the bottles are glass, then I would consider transferring the contents to a plastic bottle. Also, I would put each bottle in a plastic grocery bag and then put all of them into a garbage bag....just in case they break. Also, bring some sample sizes of laundry wash your clothes, if the bottles leak or break.

I brought alcohol onboard my last cruise. We mixed drinks in our room maybe twice...then I had to carry all of it back home. It wasn't worth it to me and I don't think I will ever go to that amount of trouble again. I did pack the alcohol in a separate bag and cushioned it with pillows. Nothing broke or leaked, but my nephew had a whole bottle of Petron in his bag and it was all over everything. He borrowed my detergent and was washing clothes as soon as his luggage arrived.

Bring your wine in your carryon.

No free internet, but you can buy blocks of time. And it gets cheaper as the days go by.

All of your food on the ship is included....not soft drinks. I taped a luggage tag to a case of water and a pack of soft drinks and they were delivered to my cabin. Just remember to reinforce the water and drinks with extra shrink wrap or packing tape. The transfer process can be brutal on the packaging. Room service food is free, just remember to bring small bills to tip your server, porter, drivers and guides on shore excursions, rent lockers on shore, etc.

The cabins are small. Four adults will have to be VERY close friends. However, you aren't in your cabin very much! You won't need a cot. You will have two twin beds with two pullman bunks that fold out of the wall and when all beds are out, you will have very little room to navigate.

Have fun!

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