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Originally Posted by richstacy
Personally, I've been through the canal twice, loved every minute, can't imagine anyone being bored, and can't wait to do it again. I have about 6 hours of video if you'd care to come over to see it

I highly recommend McCullough's wonderful book "Path Between the Seas" before you go.
Each to their own richstacy!!!!

Everyone I've spoken to who have done this cruise have said they would NEVER EVER do the trip again......once seen I'm afraid!

There are far far more interesting & beautiful places in the world to visit and IMHO the Panama Canal is way way down the bottom of the list!

I visited China in November and that place knocks spots of anything a panama canal transit can do ( i even had to suffer the FIVE locks at the new dam!!!)......I've seen more in a few days there that I'd seen in a two week cruise through the canal.

I agree that everyone should visit the canal once, just to say they had done it but to want to go back.......c'mon!

As I said before....each to their own!

(PS My wife did buy this book before we went and said it was a good read. And by the way richstacy.......I've also got hours of video but it hasn't been viewed yet!)
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