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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra
The best stock advice that you will see on this thread is this; if you are thinking about investing in the stock market seek advice from a qualified professional, who is unbiased, and not from any anonymous person on the Internet. If the stock professional happens to recommend a cruise line stock then you are in luck with those on board shareholder credits!!!!!

Originally Posted by you

I agree.

Of course, it would not be imprudent to ask one's broker or other financial advisors specifically about Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and specifically about the additional return that the shareholder benefit would provide.

It would also not be imprudent to ask one's broker or other financial advisors about Carnival Corp or many other great cruise lines that are out there. Given the far superior past passenger program for Princess and the fact that Princess as well as many other cruise lines offers the same or better stock ownership program for getting those on board credits. Another fact that can not be denied is that the past passenger program on Princess far exceeds the meaningless past passenger offered by Celebrity. As I said I do not own nor do I have any large interest, or any interest for that matter, in pushing any stocks of any cruise line given the economic climate that now exists around the world.
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