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Default Re: Most Embarrassing Moment on a Cruise

Originally Posted by Gordon
This has probably been done before, but it might be fun to do it again.

What's YOUR most embarrassing moment on a cruise? I'll start.

My wife and I were on a Crystal Cruiseliner cruising the Mexican Riviera. Our cabin maid did an excellent job turning down the bed every evening. (you probably know where this is going).

One evening, my wife and I were "Doing What Married Couples Will Sometimes Do on a Romantic Cruise". I had forgotten to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. Sure enough as we were in the throws of "Doin What Comes Naturally" I heard a tap on the door then the door opened. "Hello! Turndown Service" then "Gasp" Oh I'm SO Sorry" followed by "Giggle Giggle", "I guess I'll come back later" She then quietly closed the door.

When we saw her the next day, she acted like nothing had happened. I gave Her an extra $40.00 on the last day.
I'll open you door and giggle for $40.
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