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On board credit (OBC) - credit applied to your on board purchases.

On board account - your bill for purchases made on the ship. Usually delivered to your room the last night. Note: if it will not slide under your door, you're in trouble.

Pilot - a local authority on the waters in a particular port who comes aboard to assist the captain.

Pilot boat - the small boat which brings the pilot to and from the ship

Norwalk Visus - a gastro-intestinal virus causing vomitting and diarrhea that often times plagues cruise ships. To avoid it wash your hands often.

Bar set up - full size bottles of alcohol available for in room consumption.

Key card - see Sign and Sail

Traditional dining - a system in which passengers eat at the same time and place each evening

Freestyle - no assigned dining time or place

Repeaters party - aka past passenger party - a cocktail party hosted for passengers who have sailed the cruise line before.

Past passenger program - a program offered by the cruise line to reward passengers who have sailed with them before. Often times has multi-level benefits.

e-docs - tickets issued via the internet

doc dance - the spontaneous outburst of delight when one finds their docs in the mailbox

double digit midgit - one who is now 99 days or less away from Bon Voyage

cruise -tour - a land trip, usually of 3-5 days added onto either end of a cruise

travel insurance - insurance to cover various aspects of loss during your vacation. aka - what you wish you had when they lose your luggage

Friends of Bill / Bill W. / Dr. Bill / Dr. Bill and Lois - onboard meetings of AA and NA

Friends of Dorothy - onboard gatherings of homosexual cruisers.

Captain's party - a cocktail party hosted by the captain for all cruisers. Usually on the first formal night.

Brigg - the excursion you really don't want, so behave

Self-disembark - a method of disembarking the ship where you carry all your luggage off the ship yourself.

Pre-registration - completing registration forms online rather than at the cruise terminal. Makes the boarding process much quicker.

Tips - money given to the room steward, waiter, waiter's assistant. Usually about $10/person/day. May be automatically added to your on board account or given in cash.

Themed cruise - a cruise geared toward people with a common interest, i.e. NASCAR, zydeco music, etc

Direct booking - booking with the cruise line yourself rather than using a travel agent.

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