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I think it's very premature, since the story here is so sketchy with facts, that Carnival simply dumped this man in a third world country.

I have no doubt they didn't just dump the man's bags on the pier and tell them they were on their own.

If the Dr. deemed that the patient was at risk he'd most likely be better off in a hospital anywhere than in the restricted facilities available on a ship.

The story does not say whether the man received any treatment at the hospital. The fact that he returned to the US two days later in no way proves that he was not suffering from internal bleeding. It did say he went directly to a hospital when he returned. If the symptoms has simply disappeared he's have most likely just waited to see his doctor.

Just way too many assumptions being made, not in fact, from a few short paragraphs in a newspaper steory. If it was a good reporter they would have researched and supplies many more of the facts. Just lazy journalism to come up with a headline!

I too have seen many cruise line medical emergencies, and this is one area where the cruise lines do the best they can, in the interest of patients.

We've seen cruise lines change their itineraries to get a patient in need of medical care to a port. We've seen coast guard airlifts to deal with the same situations. If this ship near Roatan, where would they even consider going for better medical facilities.

I doubt very highly that there's any basis for any liablity to the cruise line unless something happened on the ship, that they were responible for, to cause the passengers condition.

And.. as I said.. at 89 this passenger and his son certainly didn't show any sense traveling without insurance. They may have handled the situation just as badly once they were off the ship. They may have disregarded the father's condition, and possible consequences, just to get back home.
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