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its like apples and oranges....hugely different.

I've done a ton of all inclusives, and if i'm really wanting to see an area, then thats a good deal. However, i really saw all i wanted to see of the Caymans on our day trip off the ship. Jamaica, i'll never visit again all inclusive, but loved it from the ship....

I'd like to spend more time in Cozumel some day and believe it or not i'd love to go back to progresso and stay close to the ruins for a week and really explore.

Ok, price, its all relative. Lots of inclusive resorts give you access to water sports etc...where on a cruise everything on board is inclusive except cokes and liquer. Price....well i think the cruises are a way better deal, i've seen cruises going from florida to rome for 13 days cheaper than flying from florida to rome....same thing for cruising to mexico for 5 nights being cheaper than a flight. That being said, i usually spend an extra 1,000 during a cruise for drinks and excursions/gambling/shopping etc.

It all really depends on if you book expensive excursions, and if you book thru the ship ($$$) or on your own ($), if you drink or not, and most importantly if you gamble ($$$$ i suck).

As far as kids son summed it up perfectly.... After a 5 night cruise to cozumel and progresso (he was forced to do the educational thing in progresso, the chichen itza ruins) i asked him which he liked better.....(he's 11 and was 10 at disney)

8 nights at disney with a 7 night beach trip afterwards (our last big vacation) or the 5 night cruise.

He couldnt decide. I know i paid 1,000 for 3 of us for a cruise but 7,000 for 4 of us to do disney....he's a kid, so i really thought it would be a no brainer, but he loved the cruise so much its all he talks about. Mickey be damned!
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