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Originally Posted by You
It would also not be imprudent to ask one's broker or other financial advisors about Carnival Corp or many other great cruise lines that are out there.
Of course not.

But this is the Celebrity Cruises discussion board, so I suspect that most of the folks here are looking for information about Celebrity Cruises and not some other line.

Originally Posted by You
Given the far superior past passenger program for Princess and the fact that Princess as well as many other cruise lines offers the same or better stock ownership program for getting those on board credits. Another fact that can not be denied is that the past passenger program on Princess far exceeds the meaningless past passenger offered by Celebrity. As I said I do not own nor do I have any large interest, or any interest for that matter, in pushing any stocks of any cruise line given the economic climate that now exists around the world.
This is precisely where we diverge.

>> MV Grand Princess has the most dysfunctional layout of any ships on which I have cruised, and Princess's subsequent classes of "Post-Panamax" vessels have copied all of the deficiencies. I have no desire whatsoever to cruise aboard any of these tubs. Ever.

>> I'm also very turned off by Princess's horrible implemetation of "Personal Choice Dining" that routinely fails to accommodate passengers who prefer "Traditional Dining," especially on the larger vessels. In my experience, service suffers when one does not have the same waitstaff every evening. On my Dad's last cruise, which was aboard MV Golden Princess, he was about No. 476 on the wait list for first seating in "Traditional Dining" -- which means that they had enough passengers on the wait list for first seating to fill another main dining room -- and the ship made no attempt to accommodate them.

>> There was a noticeable change in the attitudes of passengers aboard Princess's vessels after changed its policies for the new millennium. The combination of relaxation of dress codes (which consisted, specifically, of (1) replacement of "semiformal" evenings with "casual" evenings and (2) reductions in the number of "formal" evenings on some cruises) and the "personal choice cruising" advertising campaign drew a significant number of passengers with belligerent attitudes ("It's my #@$%ing vacation and I'll do what the #@$% I want!") who did not comply with stated policies, including dress codes, resulting in a marked change in the ambiance of the cruise.

So if you like Princess, please cruise with Princess. I promise that our paths will never cross aboard ship because I, for one, will play "propulsion pod roulette" on Celebrity's Millennium class any day rather than returning to what Princess has become!

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