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Norm: You're tooooo funny - when you get all this in writing from Princess with a GUARENTEE - can I come along??? My friends and I need someone
to "got to bat" for us with Princess. My major turnoff with Princess was
the VERY indifferent attitudes of the staff - had a bartender in a small
bar tell us to go elsewhere at 9:30 pm as he was closed - there were 8
of us and he didn't even give us the courtesy of a "last call". Also, even
though the food was excellent - the overall atmosphere of the ship was
like a nursing home. Don't get me wrong - I can't party into the wee hours
but when you walk through the casino and piano bars at 10 pm and it's
like a ghost town - you wonder "where are the people?? Is everyone in
bed???" Also, watching two officiers (same sex) embracing and kissing
on the deck wasn't exactly what I had in mind for entertainment.
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