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"This guy is not sick and he demands NOT to be thrown off the ship, but something bad may happen, so my God let's get rid of him and turn him over to third world medicine -- that way if he dies we have washed our hands of him, right???"
Rich.. of course we all WISH that none of us or our families would get ill and require medical treatment in a foreign port. However if the situation was urgent I would want them in a hospital, not a ship's infirmary.

Even those of us are seemingly healthy risk these sorts of events when we travel anywhere; more so if you set up to visit "third world" countries. We have to excercise good judgement in evaluating the risks, and those are certainly higher when traveling at 89, or with an 89 yr old father.

Now.. as far as the man not being sick, he went to the Dr., so there was certainly concern. And I can tell you blood in the mouth and in the stool would be taken very seriously... at sea or on land.

I know, because several years ago I noticed blood in my stoll, and went to the hospital. Even though the ER was jammed with people waiting, I was taken in immediately, and they began running tests within 10 minutes.
Showing up with that "symptom" can be a sign of some very serious issues!!

The piece you gave the link to says the ship's Dr. told them he should go to a hospital or get home asap.... and I still think that was good advice under the circumstances.

I do think the cruise line should have helped arrange flights home for the two, even if they had to explain to them that they'd have to pay for it themselves.

For the son and father to plead to stay onboard was bad judgement in my view as well. Thankfully, he got back home and the situation was not an emergency. But that was luck, not good planning. The ship is simply not equipped to handle serious situations. And often, the Drs. onboard are not as good as those in the United States.

My father is 90... so very simlar in age.. so these sorts of problem have been thought about, and I would never travel anywhere with him without insurance.

Travel insurance for people that age can be very expensive. Have to wonder if costs entered in their decision.
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