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Ok i have read the entire story and i seriously believe that Carnival did the right thing!

As a medical professional, i know that leaving this person on board with such limited means to treat very serious illness would have been gross negligence on the part of the MD. He made a decision to have this person leave the ship and get help.

It was this mans decision to not get the help he should have. There is a hospital there, it might not be "to his liking" but it has facilities to check to see if his life was threatened by the bleeding. Then if deemed safe he could have flown home. He took his own chances renting a hotel room and finding 3 flights "home". Heck he went to miami and still took yet another flight and a shuttle to get to Braedenton!!!!???

If the airline had known he was possibly very ill, they too would NOT have let him fly. He would have been forced to be checked out at a hospital and be given a release stating he was clear. Its just not fair to blame the cruise line.

Ok, about insurance...well...duh. Everyone should carry it. This is a perfect example...anyone can get hurt or sick, but 89 years old??? good lord...what were they thinking.

Truthfully, shame on his son for letting his father take a 2-3 day hike back to the tampa area before getting treatment SOMEWHERE.

Symptoms like his sound a lot like esophogeal varices, and without proper diagnostic tools, a disease like this could cause massive hemmorhage and death in a very short time, especially without proper medical avenues to treat it. I'm not diagnosing him, its just a guess at what the MD on board might have been thinking. To send a man back to his room with a potential risk for death would be NEGLIGENCE.

Point is, this man, God love him, could have had a serious life threatening issue. He HAD A CHANCE to get medical attention in Honduras. He had a chance to fly to a more civilized area (if he was to aghast at the facilities there) and get treatment there (Cozumel?? i'm sure they have decent facilities)...yet the man chose to risk his life getting home. HIS DECISION.

No doubt Carnival made the best decision for this man to get off the boat. Did they NOT want the liability for letting him stay and bleeding to death? Yup, ofcourse! Why wouldnt they??? They'd be stupid if they did! Just like an airline would be stupid for letting a pt acutely ill fly.
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