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Originally Posted by richstacy
He should have had travel insurance to be sure! But Carnival was unbelievably callous in dumping him in a third world port with lousy medical facilities. I have been on ships where the medical staff bent over backward to prevent such things from happening to passengers who were injured or became ill ashore. Carnival may have thought they were putting a problem out of sight and out of mind -- but in reality they were exposing the cruise line and its stockholders to the possibility of immense legal liability. To say nothing of demonstrating to the cruising public how uncaring they are for the welfare of their passengers.

BTW, there are ways to tell if a person is suffering from serious internal bleeding. Obviously, this gentleman was not.
Great post and absolutely right, in my opinion. It might have been a bit different if they were leaving him in Canada or somewhere in Europe etc...But Honduras? I think alot of people, even experienced cruisers, have never REALLY visited a third world country, seen their medical facilities and infrastructure (if there even is one)....Getting off a ship for a few hours and going on some excursion or visiting some all inclusive resort is not truly seeing a third world country for what it is. At the very least, they should have had ship staff go with the family and make whatever travel arrangements they needed to and made sure they had a safe place to stay...Maybe they did and it just didn't get published, but I doubt it. Yeah, he should of had travel insurance but I'm guessing the last thing on his or his family's mind while stuck in HONDURAS was reimbursment issues.

I think some on this board should remember that not everyone who cruises, or travels in general, is a highly experienced traveler who spends endless hours reseaching their cruise, vacation or whatever. Not everyone can afford nor has the time to take a half dozen or so cruises a year. More power to those that do/can. So cut the guy a little slack on the travel insurance thing...It IS NOT the issue.

If they really did this to that guy, that's about enough for a boycott Carnival. Maybe the reason the reporter didn't get Carnival's version of the incident is because they were as about as forthcoming with info' as the cruise lines usually are when they have tragedies....As in not very.
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