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Originally Posted by richstacy
Look, I've been on several cruises where people have died during the cruise. It happens frequently though most passengers don't know it. There was no indication that this guy was too sick to travel -- none at all that I'm aware of. Cruise lines cater to elderly passengers and make a gazillion dollars off them every year. Many, if not most, could not stay in business without them.

You can be sure that the next old boy who gets a little blood in his stool, (in all probability due to a polyp or to an internal hemorrhoid,) will keep his trap shut and not go to the ship's Doc for fear he'll be thrown out on his butt by some gutless quack. That is tragic.

My hat is off to the courageous Doc and captain in the Crown Odyssey I described in a previous post. I admire people with guts like that. They were willing to take on the Soviet Union in order to do right by a passenger who trusted them. What a contrast!! Have we sunk that far in less than twenty years?

And Kuki, I hear what you are saying, and part of me agrees -- but Roatan is NOT Calgary or Denver! To dump someone there is COLD!! And you are right, they had an obligation to arrange flights or do something other than just dump the old boy off the ship

One lesson we can certianly all agree on: never fail to have the travel insurance!
Again, spot on. One simple test would tell us an awful lot. Did anyone from Carnival ever call this guy after a few days and see how he was doing? Also, maybe Carnival could pony up the cost of air transportation home for sick, elderly passengers instead of having the shrug their shoulder, "should of had travel insurance", attitude that many on here some to have. I know that would really take such a huge chunk out of their billions, but somehow, I think they could manage. At 89 yrs old, the debate shouldn't be about travel insurance or even where he can get the best medical care...It should be about letting HIM decide where HE feels safest and most comfortable. One of the most basic choices people want when it comes to their health is the freedom to decide what doctor/treatment is best for them. But for some reason, a Carnival doctor should be the one to make such a decision for this guy? Come on. Obviously, he is going to feel safer (and truly be more safe) on the ship...Even if it's not exactly the Mayo Clinic. His health isn't going to matter much if he's not in a safe, secure place...And Honduras (the real Honduras, not the ship excursion Honduras) aint it.
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