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Again, spot on. One simple test would tell us an awful lot. Did anyone from Carnival ever call this guy after a few days and see how he was doing? Also, maybe Carnival could pony up the cost of air transportation home for sick, elderly passengers instead of having the shrug their shoulder, "should of had travel insurance", attitude that many on here some to have.
There was nothing to say that they didn't run several tests on this man. I can't imagine the Dr. would have just heard that there was blood and said "Get off the ship".

Also... I think expecting Carnival to pay for their airfare is just another example of the "they have deeper pockets, so they should pay" attitude that way too many people have and apply to any company they have any kind of dealings with.

It's the same way that people just expect the cruise lines to pony up when for some reason they have to cancel a cruise on short notice. They are very up front about their policies yet people choose to save money in the short term and then expect the cruise lines to cover their bad judgment.

The man was traveling with family, and said he normally buys insurance, but he just didn't this time. The family was ver

The article also did say that the man was escorted by a cruise line employee. I'd guess it was their port agent... and again the article didn't say how much assistance was, or was not, offered.

I AM NOT unsympathetic to the family. I've been in emergency situations with my own family and it's scary to go through, and know how to deal. But somewhere along the line we do have to accept responsibility for our own actions, and think about consequences when we travel.

I would have loved to take my parent on a cruise, and they'd love to go. However, due to health issues that could rear their head, we both realized it was taking too big a chance.
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