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Thats great news, you'll have a blast.
I see your from Florida.
about a month before you cruise start watching for florida resident discount rates.
Nobody will tell you about them, you have to watch for yourself.
I go to
Their site is easy to navigate, take a look now so you know how to use it.
about 4 weeks before your cruise start looking and keep watching until you see if they list your cruise. If so and you see your category room listed, call DCL or your TA and tell them you saw the Florida resident rates and want it.
i fyou see it call NOW! once the rooms are sold out the discount will be gone, often in one day.

they have to give it to you. they will adjust your price and refund the difference to you.
Now sometimes they will say you have to cancel and rebook and since the prices have gone up this wont save you any money,

ask for a supervisor at this point. tell them you do NOT want to cancel and rebook, you just want your florida resident discount you saw on line and you will receive it.
You must say you saw it on line!!

some of their people arnt too bright!! we have had the run around twice but always got it straightened out with a supervisor and got the discount.

we have got several 3 day cruises 1/2 price and saved up to $800 on a 7 day cruise. so it is really worth your time to check it out.


20 DCL cruises and counting!
1 Carnival Glory cruise

Waiitng for the new ships to arrive for more magical cruises!!
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