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Originally Posted by Kathleen Templeton
Thats great news, you'll have a blast.
I see your from Florida.
about a month before you cruise start watching for florida resident discount rates.
Nobody will tell you about them, you have to watch for yourself.
I go to
Their site is easy to navigate, take a look now so you know how to use it.
about 4 weeks before your cruise start looking and keep watching until you see if they list your cruise. If so and you see your category room listed, call DCL or your TA and tell them you saw the Florida resident rates and want it.
i fyou see it call NOW! once the rooms are sold out the discount will be gone, often in one day.


Thanks for the info Kathleen. The Florida resident rate won't save me anything for we booked catagory 11 rooms, 3 of them. But, what will save me some $$$$ is the premium deal for additional 3rd or 4th adults per room, so I'll be keeping my eye on the Florida resident deals as the clock ticks closer to departure.

I have found booking directly with the cruise line handy for the Florida resident rate. It's how we booked our Liberty Of the Seas Cruise. And, I've already gotten a better balcony room on the 9th deck, plus money back from Royal Caribbean by watching the FL resident deals.

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