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I am an expert ont the housing problems.
my husband builds houses for a living, or at least he did before he got laid off recently. My oldest son too.

we are moving back to Oregon in a couple of weeks so they can have work. it is our home state and it is slow there but not as bad as here.

It took months but we finally managed to sell our investment home, but only made about 5 grand on it. we put 10 X that in on it when we bought it.

Now we are trying to sell our home. we have it down as low as we can for price, if nobody buys it by the time we move we will have to list it with a realtor and it will go way up in price. it is NOT in foreclosure but need to get rid of it.

we put over 100 grand down and if we sold it today we would make about 8 grand, plus we put another 60 grand in upgrades after we moved in. we planned on being here until retirement but it just didnt happen that way.

the entire state is really hurting, I feel badly for those who have lost their homes and jobs. we went through this in the 80's and it was devistating for alot of people.
Our next cruises will have to include hotel and air fare now and we will miss the resident rates.

well it is off to bed for me,
catch you later,


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