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Default Re: jamaica

Originally Posted by kojack
Sounds like you're saying there are robbers lurking around every corner in Jamaica is that how it is Misguided ? i'd love to know
ok i'll answer.

No, there probably ARENT robbers lurking around every corner. There HAS been highly publized events regarding ambushing of americans in jamaica, infact an entire family was robbed (i think by knife point), kids included not to long ago.

Jamaica is a dangerous place to visit if you do not know what your doing or you disregard warnings and stroll down thier side streets like you own the place. Its more than a little poor, its almost devastated. I know 10 yrs ago our housekeeper there said she made 12.00 a week american. she worked daily. I good score from a tourist could be a years salary.

There are a lot of desperate people, and yanno, a lot of very GOOD people too. You cant assume everyone is dangerous but at the same time you can assume they COULD BE. Leaning toward the safe side of thinking can not hurt you...and staying with groups and on main paths/areas is the smart thing to do. A couple walking the streets alone make for a better target.

I'll not go into jamaica unless im being driven to a resort or event and driven back from said place. I've been there too many times to risk it. Its beautiful but not safe like Cozumel or Caymans (which caymans i felt extrememly safe!)
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