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Default Re: Hola Frank

Originally Posted by showcat
I took your tour on the Day of the Dead 2007 with a group of 12 women 1 man. You had to get an extra van for my group which you did. You did a custom City Colonial tour. My entire group had a wonderful day, we saw bricks made, went to a bakery, to the lovely 17th century town of Concordia, had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant on the beach, went shopping, saw the cliff divers, toured the Golden zone plus you took us to a cemetary to see how this holiday is celebrated in Mexico. I enjoyed Mazatlan very much, I hope to return one day.

I'm truely shocked some people have said some negative things about Mazatlan, but I think they didn't know what to see, or wasted their money on a ships tour. We got so much more for so much less. I learned so much about the culture from you, you answered all our questions, we were all very happy we choose to tour with you. I can honestly say it was the best tour I went on my cruise! Thankyou!

Hola amiga!
Yes of course I remember you all! I dont go to cemeteries very often

I enjoyed a lot also. I think that is the reason. It is like the "free tours" that the timeshares give in Mazatlan. They are taken to jewlery stores and restaurants, because nothing is free. The problem is they do not tell people that and then the people are complaining.
I think a tour is seeing the real things, unless of course it is a shopping tour.
Anyways, nice to hear from you and hope to see you here again.
All the best!

Mazatlan Frank
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