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The picture they are showing is of a 5A (french doors) 4194 on the Spirit Class ships.

We had this cabin on the Pride and it was fine. We liked it so much in fact that we just booked it again on the Legend.

The french doors do open. There is a thick glass (or plexiglass or whatever they use that is clear and strong) that is immediately "there" as soon as you open the there is no balcony of any kind. This "glass" is a little taller than waist high.

And yes, there are lifeboats....but in this cabin (as the pictures show) you can see between them. This is actually considered a "partically obstructed" view...because you can still see between the 2 lifeboats. There are fully obstructed (I don't have a picture of those, sorry) that have one lifeboat completely blocking the view.

Another tip...make sure you keep your drapes closed when changing clothes and keep the french doors locked when you are not in your cabin...they do maintenance on these lifeboats all the time.

Happy Cruising!!

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