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Default Re: Ocean Players Club

Originally Posted by pabrady13
Does anybody know what kind of things the Ocean Players club gives to returning guests?
I cruise alot (as you can probably tell from my signature) and also play the slots....alot! Before each cruise I contact the Ocean Players club and tell them when I'm sailing again, what ship and cabin number. Here's some of the stuff I've gotten from the OPC:
Bon voyage decorations in the cabin
$15 Photo coupons (you can also use these for frames and photo albums)
Fruit and cheese basket
Fruit & cheese basket with wine (we don't drink wine so we give it to our cabin stewards)
Champagne at dinner
Chocolate covered straberries
2 large bottles of water
Tote bags full of hats, T-shirts, playing cards, etc
Free drinks in the casino from the casino host
Anywhere from $50 -$125 casino credit on top of the gifts (it will depend on how much you played on your last cruise)

Always be sure to have your sign & sail card in the slot machine when playing so it can keep track of your points!
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