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Honestly Nita you make it sound as though they are modelling their business around X. I have had a bad run lately with NCL, they completely cancelled one Transatlantic cruise I booked on the Jade, to out of the blue extend the run in Europe, it's almost as though their business plan is to have no plan. Right now they are in the process of raising the rates in the surcharge restaurants, and they haven't even implemented Freestyle 2.0 or the LObster galore promotion they have milked for all it's worth. They waited until after final payment to inform us of the itinerary change they knew they had to make months prior on the Spirit. It is a mess at the moment.

I thrilled that you are all happy with the NCL product, but I am pretty sure that this repo at the end of this month will be the last one on NCL for a while. They really need to get their act together.
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