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Windstar serves popcorn in your cabin (from room service) and they have DVD players in every stateroom and a huge library. Its simple but a great thing to do.

I do recall though that the popcron came in a wire bowl that the kernals could fall right through - pretty silly way to mess up a really good thing.

A lot of cruise lines will let order from the dining room menu if dinner is being served. I believe Holland America will, and I have had it done on Costa.

Of course the Luxury lines like Silversea all do - they will send a butler to bring it course by course, set up a table with a tablecloth and everything. Perfect for when you don't feel like dressing for dinner.

I guess if you don't like buffets you are pretty limited. Fortunately, I do like them. These days they aren't just buffets, they are hot pizza, hamburgers, Asian food. carnival even has Sushi and their bigger ships have an excellent seafood bar (top deck) with cioppinno, mussels, etc.

Some of the dinner-time buffets could be better, though. They used to put more effort into making them a true alternative to the dining room. now they seem more like an afterthought.
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