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MTSFP, Contrary to what you say, I am completely able to see the other side of the argument, and indeed it was only yesterday that I noted that things were seldom black and white and that in the real world there were often good arguments on both sides of a question. This one is certainly no different. I can argue either side with equal facility and skill. However, even though I own some shares in mutual funds that have a stake in Carnival Corporation and ALL of my favorite cruise lines are owned by Carnival, I am a veteran cruiser and here, I choose quite deliberately (on your behalf) to identify with the passengers, not the arbitrary decision makers who decided to make life miserable for this man and his family, and possibly risked his life in doing so.

If you disagree that 's fine, It's a free country. But please allow me to have my opinion without engaging in personal insults. (accusing me of being able to see only one side, and being unable to accept the captain's decision, etc.) I don't question your sincerity or bona fides, why do you question mine? I assure you that I am at least as sincere as you are. I dare you to read all of my posts on this subject and tell me I have not made some very good and reasonable points.

I feel no compulsion to accept the captain's decision, I'm more concerned with whether the captain's decision was in the interest of the passenger (next time maybe my wife or yours) or in the interest of the corporation he serves. Aren't you? I have nothing against corporations, I am a conservative stock-owning capitalist. But when the welfare of my family is at stake I draw the line. Frankly as I have pointed out here, I have seen several instances where Captains made better decisions, IMHO, based on the welfare of their passengers, in one case risking an international incident to protect the health of a passenger.

You have your opinion, I have mine. Let's leave it at that. Of course I agree 100% about the insurance. You will note from the signature that we are sailing for 14 days with Princess in only 4 more days, believe me I have double checked the insurance
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