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Originally Posted by richstacy
FACT: Older Cruisers make up a very large and extremely important part of the cruise industry's business. The notion that they should all stay home is the very last thing on the cruise industry's wish list. It would cost them billions and put most out of business. It is also condescending and insulting in the extreme.

FACT: You don't have to be old to have a medical emergency.

FACT: (And this one is critically important) Patients have every right to be consulted and to have a say in their treatment.
Ok, first issue i have with this is, If your very old, and 89 is VERY old, then its a risk you take. Whether he was ok or not, if he HAD had a heart attack or stroke, he'd have found himself off the ship also and taken to the nearest hospital, and probably left unconscious there. Why? Because its the only thing that really could have been done for someone in an acute situation. Again, a bleed could have been increased enough in minutes to kill this man, esp if he had a slow bleed that increased. YOUR NOT A DOCTOR, to keep making the assumption that the Dr dumped this guy without caring what happened to him is just not right. I have no doubt that this Dr thought he was doing the right thing and naturally he did do the most prudent thing he could. I find that most people agree with his descision. The Dr felt he needed a hospital, not a sick bay on a cruise ship for the next 2 1/2 days.

Yes, all cruise lines cater to a lot of seniors...that being said, we ALL agree to take the risk of traveling to far off lands. If your not willing to risk a "third world" health care situation than you best not travel there. I'd hate to find myself seriously ill in Honduras, but if i'm ill and there, its the position i put MYSELF in, isnt it? No one is trying to say that everyone should stay home, those are your words, no one elses...many of us are just trying to say what i've just said, if your elderly, you take your risks when you travel. Those who suggested someone stay home are the EXTREMELY elderly, only because of the obvious. My dads 93, he dances every weekend, but would i take him on a cruise at this age...nope. To many ifs, ands or buts that could happen. Just the rocking of the ship could knock him over! I know very few 90 yr olds that i would feel safe traveling like this with...if its your family, knock yourself out, i just dont feel its prudent.

Originally Posted by richstacy
FACT: (And this one is critically important) Patients have every right to be consulted and to have a say in their treatment.
Ok, so you have someone in a restaurant in downtown where ever who suddenly becomes violently ill and wants to finish dinner...does the manager have a right to ask him to leave even if he doesnt want too? A patient on board a flight to New York becomes diaphoretic, pale, increased work of breathing and vomiting...A Dr on board tells the pilot he needs to land in Kansas to get the pt to a hospital but the pt complains he doesnt want off in kansas, he wants to go to New York...but rather than letting him drop dead in the air the pilot lands in kansas. What about the elderly man who is on board a cruise ship and has symptoms of internal bleeding but doesnt want to go to the hospital in honduras, but would rather risk being on board for another 60 hours until he reaches american soil...but the ships Dr and Captain would rather he not drop dead in his cabin, so they ask him to leae and seek care off the ship. All of these are completely acceptable scenerios and happen a lot. Why so freaked out by the last one? No different really than the others except the man found himself in Honduras...which is where he chose to visit.

None of these shock me. All the "managers, captains, and Drs" did the right thing, and the legal thing. Sure he has a right NOT to go to the hospital, but he DOESNT HAVE THE RIGHT to risk his own life on a private ship/plane or anywhere else. THEY had the right to ask him to leave. I personally agree with thier decision.
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